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Setting Audio Preferences in the 2.0 App

Last Updated: June 9, 2018 // 11:26 AM

BlueJeans computer audio offers a superior experience with Dolby audio, however users also have the flexibility to use their phone for audio if that is preferred.  When a user first installs or upgrades to the BlueJeans Desktop App 2.x, they will be prompted to set their default audio preference (Computer or Phone).  This setting is then saved for all subsequent meetings.  This is different then the App 1.x version, which asks users their audio preference before every meeting.  By setting the audio preference once, users on the 2.x App are able to join and start meetings more quickly!

User Audio Settings:
Individual users can change this preference at any time in the App preferences menu, under the General / "My audio" settings.

Enterprise Audio Settings:
In the Desktop App 2.6 release (second half of June 2018), Admins will be able to set this for their users.  Admins can set the following options: 

  • Ask Once (Default)
  • Always Ask (the App 1.x experience)
  • Computer Audio
  • Phone Audio


When an Admin updates this setting, it will NOT overwrite users who have already chosen their audio preference.  It will just apply for new users.  In the future BlueJeans will offer an option to "Force for all users."