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BlueJeans Event Assist makes your large events even easier

Take advantage of expert assistance from a BlueJeans certified support representative and ensure your important event goes off without a hitch. A BlueJeans professional can help prepare, schedule and coordinate the event, help run the event, and provide useful information after the event is over to make sure you meet your goals.

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  • Pre-Event Assist (30 minutes)
    • Define the goals and nature of the event in order to set the event up in an appropriate way
    • Review 'Best Practices' for moderating an event, recording, creating smooth presentation flow, monitoring endpoint performance, establishing as Restricted or Public event, and promoting attendees
    • Schedule the event:
      • Configure advanced settings (Q&A, Chat, and more)
      • Offer advice on telephony dial in options
      • Customize invitations, for Moderator(s), Presenter(s) and Attendees
      • Review recording options
    • Test Session: An engineer will coordinate one pre-event test session to answer technical questions and to ensure the presenter's audio and video connections are thoroughly tested
    • Training: Best practice advice to ensure an optimized audio, video and content sharing experience for all of your participants
  • Live Event Assist (60 minutes, or longer)
    • The certified attendant will:
      • Assist participants in joining the event and orientation to their feature options
      • Continually monitor the BlueJeans network logs to ensure smooth performance is seen with each endpoint
      • As required, the BlueJeans certified support representative will moderate, performing actions to ensure a superb experience, including:
        • Muting errant microphone or video endpoints
        • Promoting Attendees to Presenter status
        • Hosting public and private chat sessions: Answering technical questions submitted from the audience
        • Fielding questions for the Presenters (via Q&A panel)
      • If any problems are identified, we will proactively provide steps toward resolution
  • Post-Event Assist (30 minutes)
    • Customized Event Analytics: Reporting will be generated after the event to share call stats including attendee details, location, and duration attended, as well as video & audio quality reports.
    • Review how to access, edit and disseminate event recording.


  • Advanced Services customers receive up to four assists per month, at no extra fee.
  • Single event assist service can be purchased for $500, which includes up to 2 hours of BlueJeans assistance (Additional time at $250/ hour; $125/ half hour)

*Please request Event Assist a week in advance of event

For more information, please download BlueJeans Event Assist data sheet here.

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